Below is a list of music projects and releases I’ve written and recorded on at The Ice Station. Included in this list are the primary projects I’ve worked on: Secret Wilderness, Machine Drift, Screen Vinyl Image, and Alcian Blue.

Secret Wildereness The Endless
The Endless
Blacklit Split
Low End Surrealism
Mister Jackpots EP
Patio Encounter EP
Weedwolf Information Junkies EP
Information Junkies
Tristan Welch – Temporary Preservation
Alcian Blue Collection
Alcian Blue – Collection
Live at Rhizome
Chester Hawkins Live
Live 2017
Liquid Life
SVI Bloody Knives Split
Ice Station Cassette
Strange Behavior
Rude 66 Split
Siberian Eclipse
Remixes EP
The Midnight Sun EP
Static Daydream – Vocals
Panophonic – Guitars
Machine Drift – DCB
Secret Wilderness – Lunar Transformation EP
Screen Vinyl Image – Pretty in Pink Cover
Screen Vinyl Image – Skywave Cover
Screen Vinyl Image – Cocteau Twins Cover
Alcian Blue – Slow Colorless Stare
Alcian Blue – Self-Titled
Years Too Late
Alcian Blue – Translucent EP
Alcian Blue – Silvers Sleep Walk EP
Alcian Blue – Fall Behind EP
Alcian Blue – Angelica Take Me Down EP
You Just Disappear Single
Static Daydream – Exploding Boy Cover (Drum Programming)

Silo Halo -Drive Blind Cover (Drum Programming)