About The Ice Station

The Ice Station is a studio in Falls Church VA run by Jake Reid who has been mastering albums since 2006 and produces music as Secret Wilderness and  Machine Drift. Previously Jake performed in the shoegaze bands Screen Vinyl Image, and Alcian Blue.

Find me on Discogs  | Secret Wilderness Site

How to send me files for mastering:

Dropbox, WeTransfer, or Gmail are the best options for sending stuff over.
Hit me up at jake (at)

I also offer Producer “consulting” services. If you need a second ear on a project you are working on, I am happy to lend one and give constructive feedback.


I am open to discussing mixing jobs but since mixing takes a longer time, I only take projects I feel are a good fit and that I can execute on for you as a good end result. I’m happy to recommend people if my services aren’t possible.


My rates are not expensive, but I prefer to discuss the project first and figure out what you are looking for before discussing prices.