Ice Out – Self Titled EP

Ice Out is a new project from my friends David Barker and Christopher Zogby. David used to guest on guitar with Screen Vinyl Image in the early days. He has a great style in the way he plays and Christopher is one of those drummers you always enjoy catching because he adds so much character to the dynamics while pushing the song forward. Live, they make a great duo and pack a lot of sound for two people. They worked with Eamonn Aiken who’s mixing and recording work I always highly admire for his clean open and powerful mixes. He makes the mastering work easy because his ears are so good at dialing in all the right space in frequencies.

I tried to capture in the mastering the present immediate vibe these instrumentals have when you see Ice Out live. I also didn’t need to crush the limiter on these, they stand loud and clear with a simple setup in the mastering chain. Had a blast working on these.