Wildhoney – Slumberland Records’ SLR30 Singles Series

I always enjoy the chance to work with the crew in Wildhoney. They are a fantastic band and this time they were working on a single for Slumberland Records. The fun part of the mastering work was not only doing the main song but that they also had a cool cover of Kiss Me by […]

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Singles

I did a quick mastering job for Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor for a 2-song single they released earlier this year. Two A-Sides offer up a slightly different sound that the typical heavy murky psych we’re used to from this trio out of Detroit. Lilly Dust and All Is Dust are both airy tunes that […]

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor – Lavender Blood

I had a wonderful time mastering this exquisite record, Lavender Blood, from Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor. We always traded places to stay on tours over the years and it is always a pleasure to work with them on a project. This is my favorite record they’ve done to date. It’s dark and cryptic, the […]

Midcentury Modular – Drones

John Mitchell (Midcentury Modular) reached out to me based on the work I had done with Wildhoney in the past. It was a nice email to get when someone finds you based on other work you’ve done. John also enjoyed talking about his process and sound and what he was going for. It was a […]

Ice Out – Self Titled EP

Ice Out is a new project from my friends David Barker and Christopher Zogby. David used to guest on guitar with Screen Vinyl Image in the early days. He has a great style in the way he plays and Christopher is one of those drummers you always enjoy catching because he adds so much character […]

Replicant Eyes – Self Titled

Replicant Eyes are a newer DC band on Exte Records. I was excited to work with them on their debut release because of their sound and style. There’s a bit of a 90’s industrial flair to their music but they also work in a soulful almost crooner vibe to Dan’s singing that reminds me a […]

Blackout Transmission – Verdant Return

I got a chance to work with my friend Chris Goett (Blackout Transmission) again for this single and Nick Cave cover. I had a hand in doing the final mixing for the Nick Cave song too. There were a few balance issues going on that was impacting my ability to get the dynamics the way […]

Amos Pitsch – Lake Effect

Lake Effect is the second solo album from Tenement’s Amos Pitsch. It’s a winter themed album full of warm acoustic jams with the songwriting and production chops Amos is well known for (see The Obleeks album I worked on). Songs like It’s X-Mas Today are full of lush acoustic guitars and vocal layers, you almost feel like […]

The Obleeks

The Obleeks came through Amos Pitsch from Tenement whom I’ve worked with a few times. He recorded their album and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to master this one, it’s a solid rock record. I’m a big fan of Supergrass and this three piece reminded me a lot of those early Supergrass records with a […]

Death Valley Rally

Had the pleasure to work with Death Valley Rally out of VA Beach on their new album, Northern Lights. If you’re as much a fan of Mojave 3 as I am, you’re gonna love this album. And that’s not to say the reference is what they sound like, it’s simply a ballpark because there’s plenty of other […]