The Holy Circle EP

This was a fun EP to master partly because the music is right up my alley but more importantly cause it felt like a family record. It’s put out on my friend Sean’s excellent Accidental Guest label and The Holy Circle is made up of Terrence & Erica whom I’ve known since they did Unlucky […]

Animal Lover – Stay Alive

Got to work on the new album by Animal Lover off of Forward Records. This band I believe is from Minneapolis and has quite an interesting sound, while kicking around on the edges of experimental and noise, there’s a lot going on under the surface of their songs that call to mind free jazz and […]

Haiku Garden – Waver EP

Haiku Garden contacted me about mastering their new EP. I was excited to not only get an email from a band in Slovenia, but that they sound like a group influenced by bands I grew up listening to, Catherine Wheel and The Kitchens of Distinction. They were fun to work with and I also got […]

Tenement EP

Funny story about this one, we were driving to visit my parents in NC for Thanksgiving and I loaded my iPod up with a ton of music from the 70’s. All weekend long we were listening to 70’s cuts from rock to r&b to disco. I got an email from Forward Records about mastering a […]

Post Pink – I Believe You, Ok

I know Post Pink from working with Crimson Wave and some of the other Baltimore bands I’ve worked with. Post Pink barrel through short punk numbers at break neck speed with hyper riffs and biting lyrics, it’s a short breath of fresh air that sounds great cranked in the car. Really looking forward to hearing […]

Criminal Code – Solitude Single

Out on Forward Records, this is a crushing couple of songs with hazy hints of post punk and hardcore.   Solitude by Criminal Code

Bummed – Smoking Jewels Single

Kinda forgot I had done the digital files for this single so I thought I’d post it up for archive purposes. Great shoegaze from Boston and along the lines of Wildhoney. smoking jewels by bummed

We Miss The Earth – Memory Design

I’ve known Chris for a long long time. We met online back when I had my first band Alcian Blue and we’ve kept in touch over the years. He started We Miss The Earth a while back and Memory Design is hands down some of his best work. His wife Mistina is the other half of the […]

Radiator Greys – Denying The Other

I’m trying to remember the first time I met Josh Levi, but I can’t quite place it. I know it was a noise show and I know it was at Dr Clock’s Nowhere Bar in DC and I know we got on almost immediately. Josh is one of the head’s of Select DC, a group that […]

Exiles – Search Light EP

Exiles contacted me right at the end of the year so I was able to get one last mastering job in 2015 to round a great year of work out. Exiles is from New York and have been thrown around in the shoegaze genre but I think this new EP has a lot more post-punk […]

Ars Phoenix – Lifetime Supply Single

I worked with Ars Phoenix on an EP this past summer (2015) that I think sounds fantastic for those into heavy cold darkwave. I don’t think the EP is out yet but it looks like a single emerged from it so I thought I would share that. Lifetime Supply (Single w/ B-Side) by Ars Phoenix

Track Work – David Bowie – Heroes

Like the rest of the world I was gutted by the news of David Bowie this week, but I also was thrilled by the non-stop out-pouring of love and memories and personal stories I’ve seen. This week for Track Work I chose Heroes because it’s one of my fave songs Bowie did. One of the […]

Track Work – Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes

I decided to start up a weekly post called Track Work where I pick a song that I enjoy listening to for mixing or mastering. I’ve always been a huge Depeche Mode fan and Violator is a record that I studied closely when my wife and I were doing Screen Vinyl Image. I love the […]

Wildhoney – Your Face Sideways

I’ve been privileged to work with Wildhoney again, one thing I enjoy about working with artists on multiple projects is that you kind of get to know what to expect from each other. Discussing music in critical terms is as subjective and nuanced as discussing music in general so when you get to work with […]

Static Daydream LP

I’m very excited to announce the debut LP by Static Daydream is coming out on August 28 on Saint Marie Records and Moon Sounds Records. I worked on their EP both mixing and mastering and some of the tracks continue over to this LP where I also took on mastering duties with Paul. Below is […]