Kawai R100 – Free Samples Through Stomp Boxes

A couple of months back I posted a bunch of free samples of my Roland TR-707 run through a handful of stomp boxes. I pulled out my old Kawai R100 drum machine and did the same with a whole new set of distortion pedals. There’s also the original factory drum sounds too. The Kawai was […]

The White Cascade – Endless

A couple of years back, Screen Vinyl Image did a tour with Bloody Knives (see our split cassette that came out earlier this year), and our first stop was down in Raleigh NC with The White Cascade. I knew Matt from a shoegaze forum we both were on and one thing I dug about Matt […]

Expert Alterations – EP

I recently got to work on an excellent new EP by Baltimore’s Expert Alterations. I know Alan from Wildhoney whom I’ve worked with plenty of times (and rave about all the time) so I knew I was in for more great music. This self-titled EP is pretty easy to peg in the influences of The […]

Ride Tribute Compilation

The Blog That Celebrates Itself put together a compilation of bands covering Ride songs. My friends in Silo Halo asked me to collaborate with them on Drive Blind so I put together a bunch of drum loops for them to use. I also mastered the track for them too and the result is pretty cool. […]

Roland TR-707 Sampled Through Stomp Boxes – Free Samples

I put together a collection of free samples using my Roland TR-707 and a bunch of stomp boxes (all fuzz / distortion) I had in the studio. I also ran the machine through my RNC (Really Nice Compressor) too for some clean / super compressed beats. I put the samples up for free on GitHub […]

Evernote, an Essential Studio Tool

I use Evernote for a bunch of things including grocery lists, clipping articles for work that I may need for later, and even planned an entire month long trip to France (I’m also using Evernote to write this article). One of the other uses for it is when I’m working on music. For mixing and […]

Wildhoney – Sleep Through It

Very happy to announce the new Wildhoney LP “Sleep Through It” is now out and available via digital (vinyl is coming real soon and this is one to have on wax). It’s one hell of a record too. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with this band through their EP’s and when they […]

The Morelings

Over the holidays I got to work with a group out of Philadelphia called The Morelings whose style of music pretty much aligns well with my entire music background. I immediately heard a lot of Cocteau Twins-esq melodies, Cure-like guitar lines, but those would be easy RIYL comparisons. The Morelings really conjured up a lot of […]

Healer Man – Blue Suede Spirituals

Worked on this great blues-by-way-of-noise 7″ from Healer Man. Two super raw tracks that push the distortion and reverb to their breaking points. Working on this immediately brought to mind Jesus & Mary Chain, Burnt Ones, Haunted Leather, and even a touch of RL Burnside. (If you don’t know Burnt Ones or Haunted Leather then after listening […]

Static Daydream EP

Static Daydream’s new EP is out now on Moon Sounds Records via cassette / digital. This is their debut release and I had a blast working on mixing and mastering 3 of the songs. This will be readying a full length album coming next, details will be coming soon. If you can only listen to one […]

History of Colour TV – Sure Enough EP

My wife and I have known Jaike for a long time. We put out a few albums of his old band Safeashome on our Safranin Sound label we ran a few years ago. This summer, while we were in France, we got to meet him for the first time. (Seeing Slowdive no less!) He makes awesome music […]

Wildhoney “Fall In” from upcoming LP

Worked on this wonderful record Wildhoney has coming out early next year. Here is the first track off of it. I’m excited for people to hear this one, they made something special here and I’m glad they asked me to be a part of it. Go see them live too, they are the real shoegazing deal! […]

Screen Vinyl Image / Bloody Knives

Yeah yeah I know, you’re not supposed to master the stuff you record yourself and admittedly mastering our tracks was kinda tough, however, we were trying to keep a low budget on this release and aside from that I had the grand pleasure of mastering one of my most fave bands in the world, Bloody […]

Crimson Wave – S/T

I had a blast working on this 3 song EP by Baltimore’s Crimson Wave. I popped these tracks on and immediately got taken back to my high school daze of listening to Belly and Throwing Muses on a daily basis. Breeders, Pains of Being Pure at Heart and some Aisler’s Set all apply here. The […]

Jail Solidarity – Pretty Good Privacy

Worked with DC band Jail Solidarity on their debut EP coming out on Accidental Guest Recordings. Their sound is nice and sludgy / heavy, reminds me of early Swans while some areas reminded me of Flipper. I feel like it’s often really easy to peg a band like this into easily saying they’re hardcore, but […]