Replicant Eyes – Self Titled

Replicant Eyes are a newer DC band on Exte Records. I was excited to work with them on their debut release because of their sound and style. There’s a bit of a 90’s industrial flair to their music but they also work in a soulful almost crooner vibe to Dan’s singing that reminds me a lot of Suicide who by all means are a proto-pioneer link to industrial.

Since Replicant Eyes are local, I’ve had the chance to see them a few times which greatly helped in the mastering process. Getting to see bands live before working with them gives me a chance to think about the energy and playing style they have in order to better approach the tools I’ll use for mastering. In Replicant’s case, I went for a more aggressive approach to give them as much edge as I could.

We’ve been in talks about me doing some mixing for their new material and I’m very excited about the opportunity. We might also do a bit of recording and I already have a few ideas so stay tuned!