Contact: jake(at)icestationstudio.com


My name is Jake Reid and I’ve been performing out of the Washington DC area since the late 90’s in various loud bands and electronic projects. The primary bands I was in were Alcian Blue and Screen Vinyl Image. I ran a label called Safranin Sounds with my wife that was formed during the Alcian Blue days for the band to self release albums.

I currently make electronic music as Secret Wilderness and I perform and guest on a lot of projects with various friends. Service work is detailed below.

Mastering Info

I started mastering records for bands around 2006 both when I had my own recording going on and my wife and I were running a small label and it was convenient to help bands out before production. Since then I’ve gotten better gear and better ears and yet still charge a low rate for projects that fit.

Typically a full length takes 1-2 weeks depending on edits and the amount of time it might take a band to review masters.

Mixing & Soundtrack

I also offer mixing services, if you are interested, I typically prefer to discuss the project and deadline first, message me!

I’m available to do custom soundtrack work for skate and surf films too. You can check out the many music projects I’ve done or been a part of over the years. If you need some custom music and don’t want to hassle with licensing stuff, get in touch.

The original Ice Station set up