Ice Station Record Label

This year I released two tapes as a new project called Secret Wilderness and decided to build a small record label around them. Below are the first two releases.


Secret Wilderness – Low End Surrealism

The first of two new tapes from my new electronic project. Lots of sequencer / beat stuff on this release that was inspired by 80’s soundtracks, early Detroit techno / electro, and of course some House. All tapes were home dubbed and sleeves cut by hand, there’s also a print component that comes with every purchase (a newspaper of photography). 50% of the proceeds from this album and the Self Titled is going to the non-profit news site Grist who report on Climate Change.


Secret Wilderness – S/T

The second release of this project is all ambient tracks. Some songs were recorded a few years back before I figured out what I wanted to do with them, others were recorded as recently as this summer like FM Beach. Most of the music on this tape relate to places I’ve traveled to and wanted to capture a memory of that place that wasn’t simply a photo on Instagram.