Lost Track Atlantic, the surf adventure film we all need right now

Surfer on a beach

Torren Martyn and Ishka Folkwell have made one impressive and beautiful film. Lost Track Atlantic is a surf film starting in The North Atlantic and ending in West Africa (and documenting the trek in a van along the way). Ishka handles camera duties and Torren drives and surfs (Ishka surfs too). There are jaw-dropping drone shots, fun van moments, travel stresses, a car race, and meeting wonderful people along the way.

Oh, and there’s absolutely bonkers surf footage.

Torren glides and carves his way through anything the ocean throws at him and heads out into anything potentially surfable. There are aggressive behemoths in the North Atlantic and perfect long-riders in West Africa and no shortage of fun sessions with locals. Tired of rock anthem surf clips in slow motion? Watch Torren paddle in and shred icy cold waves to bagpipe music, just one example of how every minute of this film feels fresh.

Torren and Ishka in the van

Ishka’s cinematography tells the story in beautifully framed shots and solid editing. For example, there’s long shots, drone shots, personal moments, and tight precision surf shots. Ishka’s range of camera work is impressive and wonderfully creative. I marveled at some of the shot setups of the van far off in the distance driving in a remote place with nothing but nature surrounding it. I kept stopping to consider the different camera setups and the work that went into a clip that lasts a few seconds to further solidify the story.

Lost Track Atlantic quietly reminds us there’s a great big world out there full of warm conversations around the fire, the natural beauty to take in and remembering to take a moment to appreciate our lives once in a while. I’m pretty sure anyone in the world can relate to these things right now.

Add this one to your queue, find some quiet time and enjoy a DIY adventure.

The soundtrack is by Headland and I love how well every song was curated for the scenes. Their music is on Bandcamp.

Additional music is provided by Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, Clann An Drumma, Cleary’s Jam, Scotland Jam, Imarhan.

The film is by the wetsuit company Needessentials.