The Obleeks

The Obleeks came through Amos Pitsch from Tenement whom I’ve worked with a few times. He recorded their album and I’m really glad I got the opportunity to master this one, it’s a solid rock record. I’m a big fan of Supergrass and this three piece reminded me a lot of those early Supergrass records with a touch of Neil Young.

I recently got the vinyl copy in the mail and this is the type of album I love to crank and really hear the music come to life via the analog format, I imagine this would also be great on cassette too. Have You Thought About Me Lately is a def standout single to check out and tracks like Poisoned Well have Big Star traces all around it. I don’t think there’s a song over three minutes on this album either, solid songwriting through and through. If you’re looking for a good summer record to chill on the porch to, def check The Obleeks album out.