Eyes to the Creature Remix

Our friends We Miss The Earth┬áhave been working on some new material and part of their single Eyes to the Creature release was a series of remixes. They contacted Screen Vinyl Image about doing one and we jumped at the chance. We sampled some various stems from the original and ran it through a series…

Beyond Inversion Compilation

This week, I mastered the upcoming Beyond Inversion compilation coming out on Accidental Guest Recordings. It’s a really fantastic collection of bands and songs, some were new to me and it was a great introduction to their sounds. It’s also for a great cause so be sure to listen to the tunes and check out…

The Foreign Resort – Dead End Roads

The Foreign Resort emailed us this summer to do a remix for their new single Dead End Roads. We love these guys and their music and were extra stoked about the remix because they worked with the legendary John Fryer on the album. For the remix, we kept a couple of stems from the band…

Roomrunner Ideal Cities

Had a blast working with Roomrunner on Ideal Cities. This is a really cool record, super loud and super driving, it’s always a pleasure working with them, glad I got a chance to do it again. Stream the entire album over at Spin.

Wildhoney 7″

Just finished working with a great band out of Baltimore, Wildhoney. They have a sound that reminds me a lot of early Slumberland and Teen Beat, and of course Sub Pop era Velocity Girl. Looks like this 7″ will be coming out this summer, but they have a cassette at the moment. Stoked!

Technicolor Teeth 7 Inch

Just finished up mastering a 7″ for Technicolor Teeth on Accidental Guest Recordings. This will be coming out this summer. They sound really cool, reminds me of 60’s garage pop and 80’s UK guitar bands like The Chameleons or The Cure.