Replicant Eyes Single – The Loneliest World

Almost a year ago I started a project with Replicant Eyes, an extraordinary two piece DC band with influences in darkwave and industrial. We recorded two new songs and planned to work on the album in early 2020 but I moved and then the world went sideways. So, we’re postponed on finishing the record but we were able to get a single together from the recordings and that comes out this Friday.

We recorded this at Empress of Sound which is Greg Svitl’s studio aka Teething Veils. We ran Alejandro’s JC-120 in another room and I used a Sennheiser e609 paired with a MXL Ribbon mic on one speaker and panned them hard left and right.

I took Replicant Eyes drums and synth parts out of Garageband demos and found a nifty albeit wonky app that extracted the midi out of the Garageband files so I could recreate things in Ableton which is what I use for all of my audio work these days including tracking. We cranked the mix in the monitor room where I had Alejandro standing near the door to hear his amp cranked as well as the mix coming through. Dan stood a bit back from the monitors to get the feel of the beat and we did a few takes live. Replicant Eyes wanted to get a more live feel for these recordings and this was the best way to ensure the vibe of capturing the song was right.

Once things calm down we plan to hammer out the rest of the record asap but for now enjoy this most excellent single.