Animal Lover – Stay Alive

Animal Lover

Got to work on the new album by Animal Lover off of Forward Records. This band I believe is from Minneapolis and has quite an interesting sound, while kicking around on the edges of experimental and noise, there’s a lot going on under the surface of their songs that call to mind free jazz and some nostalgic hits of No Wave.

Take a track like Dreamhouse that starts out in familiar territory before some of the punch gets pulled back for a tight upper ranger guitar riff and suddenly you’re towards the end of the song not entirely sure how the song transitioned itself but never loses it’s immediate push. Other tracks like┬áNathan’s Nitrates pummel the ears with polyrhythmic percussion and while all of the short songs spiral in their own directions, the whole of the album is very much a cohesive work of art putting Animal Lover in a realm of their own.