The Holy Circle EP

The Holy Circle

This was a fun EP to master partly because the music is right up my alley but more importantly cause it felt like a family record. It’s put out on my friend Sean’s excellent Accidental Guest label and The Holy Circle is made up of Terrence & Erica whom I’ve known since they did Unlucky Atlas and their drummer Nathan who used to drum in my band Screen Vinyl Image. SVI also did a flexi-disc remix for Terrence’s black metal band Locrian which was also put out on Sean’s other label Fan Death.. See what I mean about family?

I love this EP, I got what they were going for the second it started playing and I knew exactly how I wanted to approach the EP and the things I was going to need to get the job done. The music floats between black metal, drone, and some of the more ambient goth┬ácirca Song To The Siren era This Mortal Coil. Erica’s voice floats over the atmospheres the synths create while the drums carefully follow through the haze bringing in the dynamic swells when called upon. Excellent EP and I believe they are working on a full length with J Robbins that will be coming out soon too.