Radiator Greys – Denying The Other

Radiator Greys

I’m trying to remember the first time I met Josh Levi, but I can’t quite place it. I know it was a noise show and I know it was at Dr Clock’s Nowhere Bar in DC and I know we got on almost immediately.¬†Josh is one of the head’s of Select DC, a group that puts on some of my favorite shows of the past few years and also puts equality and no bullshit as top priorities, something that’s always been rather important to me when I was touring myself.

When Josh isn’t bringing some of the best talent of the underground into DC, he’s making music as Radiator Greys. You should make it a point to catch his set if you ever get the chance, it’s loud and intense and he destroys cassette tapes being played through a deck with reckless abandon and at ungodly levels.

I got the chance to record a lot of the tracks on his new LP Denying The Other and it was an exciting opportunity to sit and watch the process (and magic) get committed to tape. Josh also worked with Benjamin Shurr and added some extra tracks too and I think the entire result is a great introduction to Radiator Greys if you aren’t already familiar.

Released on the excellent Hausu Mountain label who are churning out quality release after quality release (see TALsound, Eartheater, Form a Log).