We Miss The Earth – Memory Design

We Miss The Earth

I’ve known Chris for a long long time. We met online back when I had my first band Alcian Blue and we’ve kept in touch over the years. He started We Miss The Earth a while back and Memory Design is hands down some of his best work. His wife Mistina is the other half of the group who you may know from the excellent (and legendary) The Prids.

Memory Design is a cohesive LP full of dense layers of distortion and reverb over booming industrial drum machines. I love the usage of synths and guitars and the way they tend to cross over their paths, sometimes a synth sounds like a guitar and vice versa. It feels weird for me to compare it to my own work, but in speaking of genres, it falls closely to my band Screen Vinyl Image, and my friends Static Daydream, A Place To Bury Strangers, Ceremony, and Skywave.

Chris and Mistina worked really hard on this record and I’m happy that it’s being released and is getting a beautiful short-run vinyl pressing. Chris hit me up early on and we did some initial masters to see if we liked where we were going. It was a nice way to casually have a discussion about what we wanted to do so when the record was done I knew exactly what to dial up to get it sounding huge.

Don’t sleep on this one if you are a fan of shoegaze or darkwave, DIY releases like this are one of the reasons I love working in music.