Roomrunner’s Ideal Cities makes a Rolling Stone top 20

Congrats to my buds Roomrunner for making Rob Sheffield’s Top 20 Albums on Rolling Stone this year! Very cool news. ->

15. Roomrunner, Ideal Cities
Full disclozh: I am sometimes (and 100 percent justly) mocked at the Rolling Stone offices for how much I heart the Nineties. When MTV did a Beavis and Butt-Head reboot a couple years ago, my editors had a secret bet on whether I could write about it without mentioning Pavement. (Honestly I didn’t even get through the first graf before I was saying things like “the post-Joe E. Tata era” and “like driving a Bratmobile through a Neutral Milk Hotel.”) So I can’t front. I Love This Band Because They Sound Like the Fucking Nineties. In fact, this debut could be prime Arcwelder, though I don’t blame you for hearing Nirvana instead. Happy? Hey man, nice shot.

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