Static Daydream LP

Static Daydream

I’m very excited to announce the debut LP by Static Daydream is coming out on August 28 on Saint Marie Records and Moon Sounds Records. I worked on their EP both mixing and mastering and some of the tracks continue over to this LP where I also took on mastering duties with Paul.

Below is my fave track off the record “Until You’re Mine” for it’s wonderful melodies and hooks and an ending that is very reminiscent of early Skywave albums where a little calm after the storm piece plays before the next track comes hurtling at you.

There’s also a rather special track on this record that I also sing and played guitar on called “When I Turn Around You’re Gone.” Paul and I wrote this way back in I believe 2004 when he still had the old Skywave studio. I used to drive down from DC and we’d hang out and listen to music and sometimes work on songs. Paul came up with this riff and then quickly programmed a beat for it and recorded the bass. While lyrics usually take me an eternity to write, I immediately came up with some stuff and put it down and then we both recorded a few guitar tracks. We did it all in a night and a demo remained but the original files got messed up on the digital 4-track we were using. So last year we decided to re-do the song and traded files back and forth and I’m happy to finally see it get released.

I love all the mastering work I do but this one is obviously special as I got to work on it with a friend I’ve been working on music with for years.