Wildhoney – Your Face Sideways

I’ve been privileged to work with Wildhoney again, one thing I enjoy about working with artists on multiple projects is that you kind of get to know what to expect from each other. Discussing music in critical terms is as subjective and nuanced as discussing music in general so when you get to work with a band over a series of records, you get to know what they want when they give you feedback. And you also get to build on what you’ve already done for them in the past by mixing (or in my case mastering) their records. This record was also fun because I got to work with Gary Olson (Ladybug Transistor) of whom I am a fan of his engineering work.

The first side of the EP is Wildhoney pushing the envelope of their blueprint signature of catchy pop hooks over layers of reverb and noise. The second side is a 12 and a half minute burner, I really enjoyed sitting back and zoning on this one when we were done with the work, there are a lot of cool things going on in this track.

You can pick up the EP from their Bandcamp page or Top Shelf in vinyl, cd, and digital formats. There might even be a tape of this, not sure..