Tenement EP


Funny story about this one, we were driving to visit my parents in NC for Thanksgiving and I loaded my iPod up with a ton of music from the 70’s. All weekend long we were listening to 70’s cuts from rock to r&b to disco. I got an email from Forward Records about mastering a re-issue of Tenement’s self released cassette with a few extra songs. I popped on the tracks and they felt right in line with all of the music we had been listening to all weekend, I couldn’t have been more in the zone to work on the songs than that point in time.

I think these turned out really nice, some of the recordings have plenty of clipped distortion on them and I pushed the compressor to compliment some of the overdriven vibes of the recordings so it sounds super loud and full. Great band from Wisconsin, they’re touring this summer, go see them!

Note: These tracks are not the mastered ones, you can pick the reissue up at Forward Records.