The White Cascade – Endless

A couple of years back, Screen Vinyl Image did a tour with Bloody Knives (see our split cassette that came out earlier this year), and our first stop was down in Raleigh NC with The White Cascade. I knew Matt from a shoegaze forum we both were on and one thing I dug about Matt (and his band) was they were pretty into electronic music and some of the production aesthetics that go into electronic music. The show was awesome, I wish we could have done a full tour with the 3 band lineup b/c we all fit really well together.

The White Cascade are currently finishing up a full length record and they hit me up about mastering their first single off of the LP along with a seriously heavy remix by Bloody Knives. It was great revisiting the band’s sound and revisiting a show that was a personal fave of a lot of shows over the years.