Track Work – Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes

I decided to start up a weekly post called Track Work where I pick a song that I enjoy listening to for mixing or mastering.

I’ve always been a huge Depeche Mode fan and Violator is a record that I studied closely when my wife and I were doing Screen Vinyl Image. I love the subtle treatments of reverb and delay at the beginning, it’s got so much depth and the track hasn’t even kicked in. The bottom end is balanced and at the end the synth pads are massive and warm. This record still sounds incredibly futuristic to me, they were so far ahead of their time yet so of their time too.

Mixed by the amazing François Kevorkian and produced by Flood with an amazing crew of engineers. Be sure to check out Discogs for all of the details.

Not sure the photo credit, if someone knows email me!