Wildhoney – Sleep Through It

Very happy to announce the new Wildhoney LP “Sleep Through It” is now out and available via digital (vinyl is coming real soon and this is one to have on wax). It’s one hell of a record too. I have had the extreme pleasure of working with this band through their EP’s and when they handed me the files for this LP and I got a first listen, I knew they had created something incredibly special.

Wildhoney do a great job writing songs, they fit in the shoegaze genre very well, but grab an acoustic guitar and chug along to these tracks and they hold up strong w/o the pedals and noise. And that’s just the thing, this record has a lot of amazing moments going on. The title track (below) is a perfect example where half-way through; a breakdown of lush vocal “ah’s” immediately conjure up all those beautiful hazy California pop bands from the 60’s. And on “Owe You Nothing” (my personal fave), the band not only shows their dynamic range but also juxtaposes their sweet melodies against one of the most massively noisy moments on the record.

Go see them live too. I know I’ve said this before, but do it, they put on an amazing show.